Is Ramen same as Chinese Noodles?

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup, however, noodles made of Chinese-style wheat. Is Ramen a word for Chinese Noodles? Well, the origin of Ramen is unclear.

In Taiwan, Ramen is reworded into Lamian. By this word with two syllables translated into Chinese is ‘Pulled Noodles’. This is not wrong because traditional Chinese noodles are ‘pulled’, as in stretched.

Both words are romanized, so that Westerners could easily remember them, in particularly, “Ramen”.

Also, as great explorer of  the west, it’s noteworthy of discover what kind of Asian noodle is this for name not sounding so English.

Here’s a video on 8 BEST Taiwanese Instant Ramen Noodles.

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