Top10 popular and tasty noodles from real China

Top 1. Beijing Zhajiang noodles

Zhajiang noodles are very popular in the north China, and there are also different methods of Zhajiang noodles in Shanxi, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangdong, and Northeast China. But the most popular is Beijing Zhajiang noodles, which is the favorite food of local pekingese, they always make it with 8 different vegetables such as bean sprouts, radish shreds, celery, cucumber shreds, green beans, cabbage shreds, green garlic, garlic and Beijing sauce.

zhajiang noodles

Top2. Chongqing Mala noodles

Chongqing Mala noodles is called Chongqing Xiaomian in Chinese, which is a popular food in whole China and originated from Chongqing.



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